Eris001: VA – All Hail Eris!

Our first bit of wax represents the UK rave underground through the variety of sounds that reverberate in our fields, warehouses and clubs. Each track blends attitude and charisma with mechanically synthesised beats which will undoubtedly be shaking speakers in countless future raves to come.

Dropping first is ‘$cumbanks’ by Dangermarc featuring the rabid spitting of Jonny Turpetine and My Bad Sister. A Punk vs DnB rave anthem that entertains in spades but still has time to stick its middle finger squarely at the oligopolists. Tailing that is ‘Raw’ by Katch Pyro & C3B, a high octane blast of Hiphop fronted Tekno with infectiously rude kicks and magnetic character.

On the flip side we meet Pastaman’s ‘Selecta Get Ruf’; a fresh reworking of moody, intelligent jungle played out inna halfstep style and flanked by gut wrenching sub frequencies. Lastly, bringing it all to a suitably epic finale is ‘As Time Goes By’ from Katch Pyro, a masterpiece of stirring, tekky drum & bass with a soulful majesty that hits at the core of what life is really all about.

Available to buy on professionally mastered, lacquer cut vinyl from Redeye Records in the UK, and Toolbox Records in Europe. Includes download codes to grab the digital version of the release in FLAC & MP3 format for free, plus as a small thank you for supporting us we’ve also thrown in a sticker as well.

Eris001 is also available to download from this site in FLAC & MP3 format. Get it while it’s hot!

Erisian 000 Cover

Eris000: VA – Erisian 000

Our first ‘preemptive’ release. Big up all the artists involved!

Available to download now starting at just £1 for all the tracks!